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Tiya Miles and Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Tiya Miles (top) and Tomiko Brown-Nagin 

Screenshot by Harvard Magazine


Tiya Miles traces a mother and daughter’s story through a cotton sack.


A photograph of Zoe Sarnak performing on stage

Zoe Sarnak was headed toward a medical career, until a college music project propelled her into an unexpected life in the arts.

Photograph courtesy of Zoe Sarnak

Composer Zoe Sarnak’s warm-hearted songs

July-August 2021

Johnson plays his harmonica with the Boston Pops orchestra behind him.

Johnson performs “What a Wonderful World” with the Boston Pops at his twenty-fifth reunion.

Photograph by Pierce Harman

Scott Albert Johnson finds his path.

May-June 2021

Braxton Shelley sits at a keyboard

Braxton Shelley

Photograph courtesy of Braxton Shelley

A gospel scholar shapes music theory.

May-June 2021

A collage of emblematic figures in American history set against the Stars and Stripes

Illustration by Alex Williamson.

In a new book, Louis Menand probes the cultural currents of postwar America.

March-April 2021

Groovy clocks from The Glass House

Photograph courtesy of The Glass House

Holiday gifts that support the arts

November-December 2020

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

November-December 2020

In Harvard Yard, workers unload gigantic heads of lettuce and other greens from a truck prominently labeled United Farm Workers as students celebrate the University's decision to support the union workers by buying only UFW-certified produce.

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

November-December 2020

Red graphic which reads At Home with Harvard: Sounds of Music


A selection of our stories on musicians, composers, conductors, music scholars, and more