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A quilt from the Shape/View series: 2015–2017, all works hand-stitched cotton View III 43×57 in.

Courtesy of the artist and Elizabeth Leach Gallery



Anna Von Mertens depicts the findings of female astronomers using quilts and drawings.


Though songwriter Dan Wilson mostly stays out of the spotlight these days…

Photograph by Devin Pedde

The Grammy Award-winning songwriter Dan Wilson reclaims his catalog.

September-October 2017

The entrance to the Naples Conservatory retains its former title, “Royal Conservatory.”

The entrance to the Naples Conservatory retains its former title, “Royal Conservatory.”  

Photograph by Thomas Forrest Kelly

A day at the Naples Conservatory


Before writing anything down, Robert Kyr composes his works—music and text—“internally,” he says, from start to finish.

Photograph by Kelly James Photography

Composer Robert Kyr embraces love, peace, and nature.

March-April 2017

In this scene from the end of the opera, The Count (James Lesu'i, a graduate student at The Boston Conservatory) begs the forgiveness of his Countess (Christina Bianco ’17).

Photograph courtesy of Jordan Hayashi Photography

With swankier digs and a new name, the undergraduate company continues an operatic tradition.


<p class="credit">Photograph by Stu Rosner</p>

Night Song soothes the soul at First Church in Cambridge.

January-February 2017

Production photo from Madame White Snake

<p class="caption">The title character of <i>Madame White Snake</i> and her companion, in the opera's prologue</p>
<p class="credit">Photograph by James Daniel/Courtesy of Beth Morrison Projects</p>

In the “final phase” of her life, Cerise Lim Jacobs builds herself an oeuvre.

January-February 2017

Turntables, headphones, a mixer, and his eclectic music collection prevail in Jace Clayton’s home “office.”

Photograph by Robert Adam Mayer; styling by Prellezo

In Uproot, Jace Clayton ’97 explores technological trends in music around the globe.

November-December 2016

The National Book Foundation rolled out its list of 40 nominees (including 8 Harvard affiliates) from September 12 to 15. Last week, the National Humanities Medal also announced the honorands for its 2015 award year.

Last week, three Harvard affiliates were awarded the National Humanities Medal and eight were long-listed for the National Book Awards.