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Autumn (…Nothing Personal)’s benches and polycarbonate tubes form three concentric circles. 

Photograph by Lydia Carmichael/Harvard Magazine


An installation in Harvard Yard creates space to reflect on identity, culture, and visibility.


A scene from the Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company (HRMDC) anniversary show, <i>35: Thirty-Five Years of Dance</i>

The oldest Harvard-Radcliffe student dance group celebrates 35 years.


Jill Johnson

A Q&A with the new OFA dance director


New England Dance Resources

November-December 2011

Dance Freedom in Cambridge draws a crowd for its free-style, barefoot boogies.

New England offers numerous forms of dance for body, mind, and soul.

November-December 2011

An a cappella group performs in the rain. Despite monsoon-like weather, dozens of student music and dance groups performed in Harvard Yard as part of the evening's program.

After much waiting and wondering, student music and dance groups perform around the Yard for a wet but appreciative crowd.


Dancers rehearse for performance as part of a "flash mob" in the University's 375th anniversary celebration on October 14.

The Harvard 375th “flash mob” danced to James Brown as they rehearsed for the Friday night gala.


Anna Pasternak leaps…

In Panama, Anna Pasternak helps at-risk youth through dance.

May-June 2011

In <i>Black Swan</i>, Natalie Portman's character dances the role of the Swan Queen and her dark rival in <i>Swan Lake</i>. Here, Portman as the White Swan.

A tense thriller, with ballerinas

January-February 2011