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Elijah DeVaughn '21 in black shirt bearing the word "melanin," stands with his right fist raised

Elijah DeVaughn ’21 marched in Los Angeles last weekend.
Photograph courtesy of Elijah DeVaughn


As demonstrations grow in the wake of George Floyd’s death, students mobilize against racism and police brutality


Ceridwen Dovey
Photograph courtesy of Ceridwen Dovey

How Harvard reunions are cast in Ceridwen Dovey’s Life After Truth


Stephen Cook, Albert Fishlow, Margaret Kivelson, and Helen Vendler

Clockwise from top left: Stephen Cook, Albert Fishlow, Helen Vendler, and Margaret Kivelson. 
Photographs courtesy of Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences honors four alumni whose contributions to society emerged from their study at Harvard.


From left: David L. Evans, Leila T. Fawaz, and Joseph J. O'Donnell

The Harvard Alumni Association recognizes three individuals for their extraordinary service to the University.


"Rohan Duck" dish at Talulla

“Rohan Duck” at Talulla

Photograph by Wayne E. Chinnock/Courtesy of Talulla

Where to (eventually, again) feast with friends and family in Greater Boston 

May-June 2020

Harvard students in caps and gowns enjoying Commencement

Bright-red clackers helped public-health degree candidates promote hand-washing on Commencement morning in 2019.

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Harvard’s 369th Commencement goes virtual.

May-June 2020

Commencement 2019 photograph

What a real Commencement looked like, in 2019

Photographed by Jim Harrison

Harvard Commencement will be postponed, but degrees will be awarded virtually.


Photograph of Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates
Photograph courtesy of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The philanthropist will highlight Radcliffe Day during Harvard’s Commencement week.


Photograph of Marty Baron

Marty Baron
Photograph courtesy of Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post

During an era of shrinking newspapers and political attacks on journalism, The Washington Post’s editor will be honored.