University Finances

Applying AI—How and Why

Using AI in pedagogy, research, and University administration

by Jonathan Shaw

FAS: Faculty and Fisc

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences’s fisc—and aging professoriate

by John S. Rosenberg

Financial Fitness

Harvard sustains a fiscal 2023 operating surplus—and endowment returns turn (modestly) positive.

by John S. Rosenberg

Harvard Appoints Ritu Kalra as New CFO

University finance executive succeeds Thomas Hollister as vice president.  

by John S. Rosenberg

The Changing of the (Financial) Guard

With the naming of a new University treasurer, a successful Harvard team begins to turn over—plus a Corporation departure.

by John S. Rosenberg

Harvard Discloses Administrator and Investment Manager Pay

The annual report on leaders’ compensation

by Jonathan Shaw

Ken Griffin’s Naming Gift for the Graduate School

Prominent donor further supports Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

by Jonathan Shaw

An Academic Worker’s Union?

Organizing efforts and tough wage negotiations on campus

by Lydialyle Gibson

Claudine Gay, President-Elect

Harvard announces its next president.

by John S. Rosenberg

Black Ink—and Red

A huge budget surplus, but a down year for the endowment

by John S. Rosenberg

A Fitter FAS

The dean’s annual report, plus updates on the faculty and its finances

by John S. Rosenberg