University News

Bearing Witness to Terrorism

Harvard Chabad, IDF, and Bill Ackman screen October 7 Hamas footage

by Max J. Krupnick

More Housing in Allston

Toward another apartment complex on Harvard-owned land

by Jonathan Shaw

General Counsel Diane Lopez to Retire

Stepping down after 30 years of University service

by Nina Pasquini

Easing the Energy Transition

How the Bezos Earth Fund hopes to seed economic transformation

by Jonathan Shaw

Allston Home for A.R.T. Approved

A 70,000 square-foot theater and teaching center, plus housing for Harvard affiliates

by Jonathan Shaw

Academic Freedom—for All

Amid the Israel-Hamas war, some Harvard faculty members raise concerns about freedom of expression. 

by Nina Pasquini

Allston, Beyond the Groundbreaking

Harvard’s development CEO on the ERC and what comes next

by Jonathan Shaw

The Male-Female Longevity Gap Widens

Men’s lower life expectancy fueled by COVID-19, overdoses

by Max J. Krupnick

Painful Questions from Indigenous Leaders

A conference on Harvard’s history of injustice against Native Americans 

by Lydialyle Gibson

A Dashboard for Artificial Intelligence

Computer science professor Fernanda Viégas believes “dashboards” that disclose AI models’ biases can help laypeople control AI.  

by Nina Pasquini

Undergraduate Workers Unionize

College students join a nationwide movement to secure better wages and workplace conditions. 

by Nina Pasquini