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Harvard at Home

May-June 2002

The on-line venture Harvard at Home gives alumni glimpses of class lectures, research projects, and intellectual happenings throughout the University.

Among the newest offerings is "Perspectives on China: Reform and Sovereignty," with Williams professor of history and political science Roderick MacFarquhar. The segment provides video clips from his public presentations and courses that touch on the economics, history, politics, and future of China.

Also available is "The Recovery of Unknown Bach Manuscripts," with Mason professor of music Christoph Wolff. In an hour of video, musical excerpts, and supporting images, Wolff describes what began as a thesis and culminated in his life's work: his recovery of long-lost musical compositions by the Bach family, including Johann Sebastian. The manuscripts disappeared at the end of World War II, taken back to the former Soviet Union by the Red Army. After many frustrating years of research and political roadblocks, Wolff and his team located the music and were given government approval to document the materials (see "Bach in the USSR," November-December 1999, page 21).

Harvard at Home is accessible through, where one registers for the password-protected alumni website Post.Harvard. A menu on that site links users to Harvard at Home.