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John Harvard's Journal | Commencement 2002

Scenes from Commencement

An omnium-gatherum of notes and statistics, vital and otherwise

July-August 2002

C-MARSHALSJim Harrison

Seniors are led to Baccalaureate by class marshals (from left) Daniel Droller, of Eliot House and Pelham, New York; first marshal Gerard Hammond, of Cabot House and Brooklyn; Avik Chatterjee, of Adams House and Cary, North Carolina; and Nick Lau, of Cabot House and Plano, Texas

C-FLAGPhotograph by Stu Rosner

Above: A star-spangled James Bankert, Ed.M. '02, of Malvern, Pennsylvania

C-ADAMS.50Jim Harrison

Michael Levine '52, formerly of Adams House, now of Longboat Key, Florida, on hand for his class's group portrait


Janelle Brown-Chang, M.D. '02, of Warren, New Jersey, with specimen cup


Warren M. "Renny" Little '55, of Cambridge, appropriately attired and with walkie-talkie, forms and launches the afternoon line of march, characterized by the WHRB broadcaster as "a scraggly little procession" consisting only of the president's division, the alumni parade having been canceled

C-PHDJim Harrison

Damp but delirious doctors of education (from left) Norma Jimenez, of Los Angeles; Alina Martinez, of Boston; Mariela Paez, of Newton, Massachusetts; and Beatrice Schnell, of Miami

C-MED.SCHOOLJim Harrison

Kinfolk and the sun beam on the Baccalaureate, before the rains came

C-PUDDINGJim Harrison

Choristers of '02 (from left) Scott Rowen, of Adams House and Buchanan, Michigan, Lorenzo Moreno, of Eliot House and Denver, Krishnan Unnikrishnan, of Eliot House and Ashland, Kentucky, and Kevin Meyers, of Winthrop House and Ridgewood, New Jersey—all from the Hasty Pudding—deliver the ode on Class Day

c-rudenstinePhotograph by Jane Reed

Renaissance scholar and football fan Neil L. Rudenstine, Ph.D. '64, LL.D. '02, of New York City

C-TWO.VQJim Harrison

Officials of the class of '02 (from left) Natasha Johnson, treasurer, of Quincy House and the Bronx, and Vedra Chandler, Quincy House representative, of Camden, New Jersey


An exodus when, at 10:34, the University marshal tells the audience where they may go to watch Commencement on television

C-MARSHALS.3Jim Harrison

Reunioners in finery (from left) Todd Watkins '87, of Washington, D.C., Naeemah White-Peppers '97, of Cambridge, and Derrick Ashong '97, of Cambridge

C-TWO.MALE.VQJim Harrison

Garlanded in red, Martin W. Schoen '01 ('02), of Mather House and Novato, California, with Daniel M. Mejias '02, of Mather House and Garnerville, New York

C-DIXIEJim Harrison

Dixie Mahurin, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, mother of Sarah '02.