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Provost Positions

September-October 2005

The provost’s office ( continues to add staff to cover more areas of University-wide planning and coordination. Doyle professor of cosmology John P. Huchra now devotes three-quarters of his time to serving as vice provost for research policy; he works with the office of sponsored research, the general counsel, and the schools’ research offices to create uniform policies and represent Harvard in negotiations with outside funders. Another vice provost will oversee international affairs: Harvard’s research and student engagements outside the United States. That position and the senior vice provost for diversity and faculty development, advocated by the task forces on women faculty (see “Diversity Director,” page 56), are also to be filled by senior faculty members. And effective September 1, Eric P. Buehrens, Harvard Medical School’s executive dean for administration, becomes deputy provost for administration, focused on expediting construction of science facilities in Allston. The new officers join the recently appointed associate provost for arts and cultural programs (see “Brevia,” July-August, page 67), and current staff responsible for science policy and planning, social sciences and the professions, information technology, and fundraising.

John P. Huchra Eric P. Buehrens
Courtesy of John P. Huchra Courtesy of Eric P. Buehrens