Comings and Goings

University clubs offer a variety of social and intellectual gatherings. Following is a partial list of Harvard-affiliated speakers appearing at local clubs this winter. For further information, contact the club directly, call the HAA at 617-495-3070, or visit

On November 3, members of the Triad Harvard-Radcliffe Club (North Carolina) are invited to hear a lecture on globalization by George Lodge, Chua Tiampo professor of business administration emeritus. Lodge will also address the Harvard Club of Cape Cod on November 18.

In Quebec on November 3, the Harvard Club offers a talk, “Whither China,” by Richard Cooper, Boas professor of international economics and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. On November 4, University art museums curator Theodore Stebbins Jr. holds forth on American art for the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Westchester.

The Harvard Club of San Diego welcomes Stephen Walt, Belfer professor of international affairs at the Kennedy School, who will discuss his book, Taming American Power: How Firm is America’s Grasp on Global Supremacy? on November 8. Walt also talks to the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Southern California on November 9, the Harvard Club of Silicon Valley on November 13, and the Harvard Club of San Francisco on November 14.

University President Lawrence H. Summers meets with members of the various Harvard clubs located in Northern California on November 9, and with the clubs from Southern California the following evening. On November 14, he speaks at the Harvard Club of Boston.

The GSAS chapter event on November 21 in New York City presents Richard J. Tarrant, Pope professor of the Latin language and literature. [A Chicago GSAS event scheduled for November 17 has been postponed.]

A symposium at the Harvard Club of Boston on December 3 presents Kennedy School dean and Black professor of political economy David T. Ellwood as keynote speaker, discussing “Families, Fertility, and the Future.” Two sets of concurrent sessions precede his luncheon address: “Why Historians Get It Wrong — The American Revolution and the Constitution, for Example,” with Adams University Professor emeritus Bernard Bailyn, and “Population-level Bioethics,” with Saltonstall professor of population ethics Daniel Wikler; followed by “The Accelerating Universe — A Blunder Undone,” with Harvard College Professor and Clowes professor of science Robert Kirshner; and “Sugar and Spice and No Longer Nice — How Can We Stop Girls’ Violence?” with professor of public health and associate dean for faculty development Deborah Prothrow-Stith.

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