Comings and Goings

University clubs offer a variety of stimulating gatherings. Here is a list of Harvard-affiliated speakers appearing at local clubs this winter. For details, contact the club in question, call the HAA (617-495-3070), or go to

On March 2, the Harvard Club of Broward County hosts Thier professor of medicine David Blumenthal for a talk on “The History and Politics of Medicare.” Also on March 2, Cabot professor of social ethics and Pforzheimer professor of Radcliffe Mahzarin Banaji will discuss “Mind Bugs: The Psychology of Ordinary Prejudice” at a Graduate School of Arts and Sciences event at the Harvard Club of New York City. On March 4, members of the Harvard Club of Louisville can learn about “Science, Politics, and Stem Cell Research” from Iacocca professor of medicine Ronald Kahn, who is also president and director of the Joslin Diabetes Center.

At the Harvard Club of Maryland on March 4, the Reverend Peter J. Gomes, Plummer professor of Christian morals, speaks on “Harvard in the Eye of the Beholder: The View since 1970.” The Harvard Club of Long Island welcomes Ali Asani, professor of the practice of Indo-Muslim languages and cultures, on March 18 for a talk about “The Rise of the Anti-Western movement in the Islamic World.” On March 30, Marshall Goldman, associate director of the Davis Center for Russian Studies, discusses “Putin: Piratization of Russia” at a luncheon hosted by the Harvard Club of Dayton. That evening, he addresses the Harvard Club of Central and Southeast Ohio. He also appears at the Harvard Club of Naples, Florida, on April 9.

The Harvard Club of New York City offers a discussion of “Consumer-Driven Healthcare” by McPherson professor of business administration Regina E. Herzlinger on April 10. On April 28, the Harvard Club of Western North Carolina (Asheville) welcomes Robert Woollacott, professor of biology and curator of marine invertebrates at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, for a presentation on the “Health of the World’s Coral Reefs, Fishing, and Fish Markets.”

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