Basketball’s Lin Captures National Spotlight

Jeremy Lin ’10 has gotten the attention of media outlets including Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

Jeremy Lin

After the Houston Rockets' Yao Ming, the most famous Asian basketball player in the world might be Harvard co-captain Jeremy Lin ’10. A fiery, passionate player with amazing versatility, Lin is a special athlete; this magazine's profile of him last year noted that he ranked among the Ivy League leaders in every statistical category. Lin has led this year's Harvard team to its best start in 25 years,  including wins over strong non-Ivy teams like George Washington and Boston College. The national media have started to catch up with Lin, who has attracted recent coverage from Sports Illustrated, Time, and ESPN. The lengthy Sports Illustrated piece speculates that he might become the first Asian-American draft pick in NBA history. And local hoop fans are showing fresh enthusiasm for Lin and his talented teammates: Harvard's home games against Princeton (February 5), Penn (February 6),  and Cornell (February 19), have all sold out well in advance. 

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