Cryptic Puzzle: “Since 1890”

Solve the most recent creation of puzzlemaker John de Cuevas ’52.

You can find all puzzles published in Harvard Magazine between 1986 and 1998 at John de Cuevas’s website,, under Harvard Puzzles. You will also find additional puzzles and contact information there and can subscribe to his mailing list.


“Since 1890” solvers

(The first ten are listed in the order their solutions were received, the others alphabetically)

  1. Stephen Throop – Grover, NC
  2. Cathy Childs – Pompano Beach, FL
  3. Stan Kurzban – Chappaqua, NY
  4. Judy Adamski – Jenison, MI
  5. Lewis Gee – Poway, CA
  6. Richard Harrison – Portland, OR
  7. Itai Pines – Portland, OR
  8. Ned Robert – Los Gatos, CA
  9. Rick Kasten – Alexandria, VA

10.  Charles J. Rohrmann, Jr. – Scarsdale, NY

Dale Ashworth – San Francisco, CA

Al Backiel – Ridgewood, NJ

Dorothy Juhlin Bank – Hillsborough, NC

Tom Barnet – Spartanburg, SC

Barry Brandes – Purdys, NY

Robert Brown – Albuquerque, NM

Joe Cabrera – Boston, MA

Kevin Cadmus – Columbus, OH

Eric Chipman – Boulder, CO

Jim Christenson – Port Townsend, WA

Rob Clark – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Don Coppersmith – Belle Mead, NJ

Joe Fendel '95 – Berkeley, CA

Stan Francuz – Somewhere in Australia

Warren Fraser – Marmora, Ontario, Canada

Richard Friedman '71 – Silver Spring, MD

Michael N. Geselowitz – Cedarhurst, NY

Michael Green – St. Louis, MO

Steve Gunter – Raleigh, NC

Jim Hartney – Martinez, CA

David Hilliard – New York, NY

Dick Holmes – Lake Bluff, IL

Ken Johnson – Springfield, MO

Al Kahn – Houston, TX

Dave Kaplan – New City, NY

Eliot Kieval '84 – New York, NY

Andy G. Klein '70 – Santa Monica, CA

Richard Letourneau – Bonita Springs, FL

Brian McCrady – Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Jackie Miller – Everett, MA

Daniel J. Milton – Vienna, VA

Claire Natola – Meredith, NH

Mark Navarrete – Quezon City, the Philippines

Stephen Ness – San Francisco, CA

Mary Lyndal Nyberg – Manhattan, KS

Segrid O'Gore – Seattle, WA

Harold Porosoff – Scarsdale, NY

Charlie Pritzlaff – Silver Spring, MD

David L. Ratner '52 – Larkspur, CA

Arnold Reich – Bronxville, NY

Joe Rogers – Old Greenwich, CT

Mordy Rosen – Berkeley, CA

Al Sanders – Fort Collins, CO

Michael Savitz – Newton, MA

Joe Schrader – Hillsboro, OR

Wayne Scott – Jamaica Plain, MA

Dexter Senft – Bedford, NY

Eric Singel – Philadelphia, PA

Jordan B. L. Smith '06 – London, UK

Callie and Bob Smith – Massena, NY

Donald R. Spaulding – Los Altos, CA

Donald Stanley – Littleton, CO

Steve Tice – Great Falls, VA

Claire Trazenfeld – Crownsville, MD

Margaret Webster  – Medford, MA

Thomas Wilson – South Williamsport, PA

Jay Winter – Farmington Hills, MI


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