Some Changes

Anthony Lewis

On hearing of the death of Anthony Lewis ’48, NF ’57, on March 25, we turned, parochially, to his 1947-1948 Undergraduate columns (reproduced at and his early letters to the magazine. They exhibit the strong writing and clear focus on basic issues (free speech, women’s rights, higher education, a world perspective) that characterized his reporting career. Lewis was a valuable director of the magazine from 1998 to 2004, and long served as an Incorporator—as does his wife, the Honorable Margaret H. Marshall, Ed.M.’69, Ed ’77, L ’78. Among the Crimson tributes deservedly sent his way, James Fallows ’70 wrote for, “Tony Lewis was a remarkably generous, patient, and good-humored mentor and sponsor to young people trying to make their way” in journalism and the law. Lewis “had the moral focus of a rabbi,” wrote Lincoln Caplan ’72, J.D. ’76, at, and “He loved the Supreme Court as an American institution, but loved the Constitution more.”

* * *

Beginning with this issue, you may notice some changes in Harvard Magazine’s layout. To accommodate a new position for President Drew Faust’s column—while retaining room for your letters (a vital part of the Harvard conversation), maintaining the readability of editorial contents, and satisfying University and other advertisers’ requirements—we have effected a modest reordering of the front pages. During the next year, as we develop a mobile version of the magazine and online contents, we anticipate some further changes. We’ll keep you informed.

 ~John S. Rosenberg, Editor

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