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September-October 2014

Math and Science Merit

The five inaugural winners of the $3-million Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics (funded by Russian Internet investor Yuri Milner and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ’06) include professor of mathematics Jacob Lurie, for work in derived algebraic geometry and other fields.…The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has named 15 scientist-educators, including Smith professor of molecular genetics Andrew Murray (who also directs the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ center for systems biology) HHMI professors. Each receives a $1-million, 5-year grant to integrate their research with undergraduate student learning and engagement with science.…And the National Geographic Society’s new cohort of Emerging Explorers includes Harvard School of Public Health research associate Christopher Golden, an ecologist and epidemiologist, and Charles River professor of engineering and applied science Robert Wood, a microrobotics pioneer (see Each was awarded $10,000.


Development Dean 

O’Neil A.S. Outar has been appointed senior associate dean and director of development for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He succeeds Paul Keenan, who has left the University for personal reasons, but remains associated in an advisory capacity. Outar has previously worked in fundraising at MIT, the University of Alberta, and Tufts—his alma mater.