New Harvard Overseers and HAA Elected Directors Announced

2018 newly elected Harvard Overseers and HAA directors

The names of the new members of the Board of Overseers and elected directors of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) were announced during the HAA’s annual meeting on the afternoon of Commencement Day. Five of the new Overseers were elected for six-year terms. The sixth-place finisher, Diego A. Rodriguez, will serve the final two years of the unexpired term of Jane Lubchenco, who stepped down in light of other professional obligations. The new Overseers were elected from a slate of eight candidates, and the HAA directors from a slate of nine candidates, who were nominated by an HAA committee, as prescribed by the election rules. Harvard degree-holders cast 26,765 ballots in the Overseers election, and 27,537 ballots in the election for HAA directors.

For Overseer:

Geraldine Acuña-Sunshine ’92, M.P.P. ’96, Manila, Republic of the Philippines, and Boston. President, Sunshine Care Foundation for Neurological Care and Research.

Philip Hart Cullom, M.B.A. ’88, Gaithersburg, Maryland. Vice Admiral (retired), U.S. Navy.

Meredith L. “Max” Hodges ’03, M.B.A. ’10, Boston. Executive director, Boston Ballet.

Marilyn Holifield, J.D. ’72. Miami. Partner, Holland & Knight LLP.

Diego A. Rodriguez, M.B.A. ’01, Palo Alto. Executive vice president, chief product and design officer, Intuit Inc.

Yvette Roubideaux ’85, M.D. ’89, M.P.H. ’97, Washington, D.C. Director, Policy Research Center, National Congress of American Indians.

For elected director (three-year term):

Collette Creppell ’82, M.Arch. ’90, Providence and New Orleans. University architect, Brown University.

Sid Espinosa, M.P.P. ’00, Palo Alto. Director of philanthropy and civic engagement, Microsoft.

Natosha Reid Rice ’93, J.D. ’97, Atlanta. Associate general counsel, real estate and finance, Habitat for Humanity International; associate pastor, historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Krishnan Namboodiri Subrahmanian ’03, Minneapolis. Attending pediatrician, Hennepin County Medical Center and the University of Minnesota; maternal child health specialist, Partners In Health (COPE Program).

Bella T. Wong ’82, Ed.M. ’91, Weston, Massachusetts. Superintendent/Principal, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.

Rashid Muhammed Yasin, S.B. ’12, Nashville. Ph.D. student, Vanderbilt University.

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