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Hiram Hunn Award Winners

September-October 2018

Eight alumni received Hiram S. Hunn Memorial Schools and Scholarships Awards from the College’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid in September for their volunteer efforts to recruit and interview prospective undergraduates.

Kenneth S. Allison ’67, of Phoenix, began interviewing candidates through the Harvard Club of Phoenix in the mid 1970s, and served for two decades as its schools and scholarships committee co-chair before retiring from that post in May.

Carol M. Barker ’68, of New York City, has been an alumni interviewer since 1982 and for several years also co-chaired one of the supervisory alumni groups in the metropolitan area.

Richard F. Black ’77, M.P.H.-D.M.D. ’84, of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, is a veteran member of the central Pennsylvania schools and scholarships committee, and has served as its chair for the last three years.

Adrienne E. Dominguez ’90, of Dallas, became a member of the Harvard Club of Dallas’s schools and scholarships committee in 2004. In 2007, she became a co-chair, and has held that role since, save for her 2011-13 service as club president.

Frank K. Friedman ’80, of Roanoke, Virginia, has been interviewing applicants for 25 years through the southwestern Virginia schools and scholarship committee, which he also chaired from 2002 to 2016.

Barry W. Furze ’68, of Sturgis, South Dakota, joined the local schools and scholarships committee, of which he is also the longtime chair, in 1996.

Charles E. Gilbert III ’71, of Bangor, has led the schools and scholarships committee that covers eastern and northern Maine since 1994.

John F. Kotouc ’68, of Omaha, began interviewing candidates in 1990, and in 2009 became chair for his region.

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