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People swimming in the ocean with hotel in background
A guide to the arts and culture, history, cuisine, and natural beauty of Cambridge, Boston, and beyond.
Orange, yellow and black butterfly on a flowering bush

Go Wild

How often have you wandered the Arnold Arboretum or a Trustees property, longing to bring that serenity and lush beauty to your own yard? 

by Kara Baskin

Vacationing with a Purpose

New England “summer camps” for adults

by Nell Porter Brown

black and white photo of young woman laying on the hood of a car

Capturing the American South

Photographs at the Addison Gallery of American Art 

by Nell Porter Brown

No Sweat

How to create the home gym of your dreams

by Kara Baskin

Image of a bat depicting the love-hate relationship associated with the creatures

Bats, In Fact

Peabody Essex Museum dispels negative myths around these nocturnal creatures 

by Nell Porter Brown

Large tapestry featuring colorful woven saris and metal bells

Fresh Takes on the Caribbean

The ICA/Boston's exhibit offers views from the diaspora  

by Nell Porter Brown

Wintry Portsmouth at sunset

No Sleepy Coastal Town

Visiting Portsmouth in winter

by Nell Porter Brown

blue morph buttery on pink orchid

Free to Fly

A wintry weekend jaunt to Deerfield, Massachusetts

by Nell Porter Brown

stack of flannel shirts

Snuggling Up in the Square

There’s nowhere quite like Harvard Square during the holidays

by Kara Baskin

People playing stringed instruments

Harvard's ARTS FIRST festival, a photojournalist documents the war in Ukraine, a performance by the Hot Sardines—and more

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