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After the harvest, Kelby Russell, who makes cold-climate white wines, stands in a vineyard overlooking New York’s Seneca Lake.

Photograph by Robyn Wishna


Why the vineyards of New York called Kelby Russell home


Sandler relishes having her office within MoMA.

Photograph courtesy of Alexis Sandler

Solving legal challenges at MoMA

September-October 2018

Recollections and Reflections from the Harvard class of 1957—a benchmark reunion project

September-October 2018

In the 1980s, future U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan ’86 and future Stemberg Family Coach Tommy Amaker faced off on the basketball court, Amaker as a Duke point guard and Duncan as a Harvard forward. This image of the two greeted attendees at a Kennedy School Forum event with Duncan.
Photograph courtesy of David Tannenwald

Arne Duncan ’86 discusses education, politics, and Harvard basketball at the Institute of Politics.


ClassACT HR73 rallies classmates to engage in social change.

September-October 2018

The 2018 Harvard Alumni Association Award winners

September-October 2018

Sofia Cigarroa Kennedy and KeeHup Arie Yong

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association

Two seniors who help make Houses into homes

September-October 2018

The admissions office honors alumni volunteers.

September-October 2018

Margaret M. Wang

Photograph by Jim Harrison

New HAA president Margaret Wang ’09

September-October 2018