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Official portrait of Justice Elena Kagan

Justice Elena Kagan
Photograph courtesy of the United States Supreme Court, Public Domain


Ebbing trust in the Supreme Court, and what to do about it



Photo of Boston Federal Reserve Building, where Harvard Management Company offices are located

The Federal Reserve Building, where Harvard Management Company’s offices are located 

 Photograph by JS/Harvard Magazine

Inflation, recession, and the outlook for Harvard Management Company


Audience members sit in a large auditorium at the start of the conference

Harvard Law School's David Wilkins (at the podium) opens last Thursday's conference, which participants attended both virtually and in person. 
Screenshot by Harvard Magazine


A Harvard conference considers the question of ESG investing.


The annual report on leaders’ compensation


Katie Lapp

Katie Lapp
Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/HPAC

After more than a decade, an institutional voice departs.



Harvard’s new, green science and engineering complex in Allston

The new science and engineering complex in Allston—built to the highest environmental and sustainability standards, and so financed, in part, by Harvard’s first verified green bond offering

Photograph by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

New debt financing includes first “green bond” offering.


Penny Pritzker elected senior fellow, climate-change investments, Allston expectations, undergraduate academics, and the reformed tenure track

May-June 2022

Portrait of President Lawrence S. Bacow

President Lawrence S. Bacow

Photograph by Rose Lincoln/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

President Bacow on pandemic and academic Harvard

March-April 2022

View of Federal Reserve Building from South Boston

View of the Federal Reserve Building, home of Harvard Management Company, from South Boston

Photograph in the public domain

Harvard Management Company details holdings in second climate report.