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Photograph Commencement procession into Harvard Yard Tercentenary Theatre

At last, an opportunity for the coronavirus-affected classes to proceed into Tercentenary Theatre and partake of the festival rites

Photograph by Jennifer Beaumont/Harvard Magazine


The coronavirus short-circuited their Commencement. Harvard plans a do-over.


Photograph of University Hall, Faculty of Arts and Sciences headquarters

University Hall, home to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences leadership

Photograph by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ annual report portrays a good foundation for its academic future. 


A 33.6 percent return on endowment investments, as expense controls and donor support buoy the budget in an unprecedented year


Penny Pritzker

Corporation member Penny Pritzker underwrites new economics building

© Moshe Zusman Photography Studio

Landmark support for an eminently strong department


Chart of financial markets


Photograph by Unsplash 

How far is up in a year of robust investment returns? The University of Virginia’s report is suggestive.


Photographic portrait of Harvard provost Alan M. Garber

Alan M. Garber

Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Harvard and MIT sell to a for-profit company, and pursue their mission with a new model.

September-October 2021

Photograph of Faculty of Arts and Sciences dean Claudine Gay

Dean Claudine Gay back in University Hall, after leading the Faculty of Arts and Sciences remotely during the pandemic

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences leader’s plans before and beyond the pandemic

September-October 2021

Opportunities in admissions, online degrees, research, and more

September-October 2021

Elements may be in place for the University’s financial recovery.

July-August 2021