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Harvard Medical School Shield


Foundation of Len Blavatnik, M.B.A. ’89, makes record pledge for basic and applied science.


The new law imposes a levy on investment income for the first time.


George Q. Daley, dean of Harvard Medical School

Photograph by Stu Rosner

One year into his deanship, George Daley shares his vision for Harvard Medical School.

January-February 2018

Congressional tax bills aim at universities’ endowment income.

January-February 2018

After another surplus, cautions about the University’s future financial constraints

January-February 2018

The Harvard Management Company is headquartered in the Federal Reserve tower in downtown Boston.

Harvard and other private universities are in Republicans’ sights.


Courtesy of Harvard University Financial Administration

A large surplus last year—but cautions about the future


Photograph by iStock/hayatikayhan

Growth in Harvard healthcare costs moderates. 


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CEO N.V. Narvekar assesses Harvard Management Company’s most recent fiscal-year performance, and the road ahead.

November-December 2017