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“It’s kind of like when you go to the library to check out one book, but it’s actually the book next to the book you were looking for that was the important one. A syllabus sets up that opportunity.”


Bridget Terry Long

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

New HGSE dean Bridget Terry Long seeks to “expand, double down, and deepen our impact.”

July-August 2019

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences honorands (from left) Lael Brainard, Joseph Nye, Jane Lubchenco, Carroll Bogert, and Roger Ferguson

Photograph courtesy of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Contributions to society from graduate research

July-August 2019

A rendering of the new Academic Resource Center, opening in late July

Courtesy of LAB / Life. Science. Architecture, Inc

The College overhauls academic counseling.


Juan Manuel Santos

Photograph by Raychel Casey/Harvard Kennedy School

Former president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos addresses Harvard Kennedy School graduates


Roberta Kaplan
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Law School

Roberta Kaplan at Harvard Law Class Day


At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Joe Brett—veteran and Harvard Kennedy School alumnus—addresses Ukrainian veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War. He writes, “I gave them a pin of my old unit, 24th Corps, which happens to be a blue heart on a white shield…or in this case a symbol for peace. We all wept when I gave this out with the words that it was up to us to all work for peace, now that we have met each other as brothers at this memorial…One former Soviet colonel hugged me and, with tears in his eyes, said that all soldiers should be veterans.”

Photograph courtesy of Joe Brett

A Kennedy School reunioner and Vietnam veteran stresses the need to address moral injury.


Photograph by Tommy LaVergne/Rice University

Currently dean of the Rice University School of Architecture, Whiting will assume her new post on July 1. 


After graduating from the College in 1861, Holmes obtained a commission as first lieutenant in the Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, known as the “Harvard Regiment.”

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Law School Library, Historical & Special Collections

A new biography of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. illuminates the Supreme Court during the centennial of his most momentous dissent.

May-June 2019