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An acute casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic



Deans articulate their diverse faculties’ divergent priorities (and problems)—plus an MIT perspective


Photograph, Allston science and engineering complex with construction halted, April 9, 2020

So close: the Allston science and engineering complex, shown on April 9, where the final stages of construction have been halted during the coronavirus pandemic
Photograph courtesy of Harvard University Construction Cam/OxBlue

As the pandemic halts construction, the move-in schedule for the fall semester has slipped.


Photograph of swimming hole cut in ice

© Mandarinkap/

The Business School’s Rebecca Henderson reimagines capitalism to save the planet.

May-June 2020

Photograph of copies of the federal budget fiscal year 2021

President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2021 U.S. budget, pre-COVID-19: add a few trillion dollars of debt
Photograph by Samuel Corum/Getty Images

The politics, policymaking, and public consequences of mounting government debt—and how to cope with it

May-June 2020

Photograph of Sarah Whiting

Sarah Whiting
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communicaitons

The new dean has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


Photograph of Nitin Nohria

Nitin Nohria
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Nitin Nohria, scheduled to step down June 30, will remain dean through 2020.


Harvard University shield

Students transition to online learning—perhaps for the rest of the semester—and are asked not to return after spring break.


Photograph of Steven Choi urging passage of driver’s license bill

Choi and supporters gathered at the New York state capitol last year to urge passage of new driver’s license legislation.

Photograph courtesy of the New York Immigration Coalition

Steven Choi, J.D. ’04, works—and fights—at the vitriolic epicenter of immigration politics.

March-April 2020