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Letters on Justice Holmes, another shoeless feat, athletic admissions, and more


The urgency of getting Gen Ed right

July-August 2018

Photograph by Lydia Carmichael

What makes it “real”?

July-August 2018

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on Commencement Day, 1978

Photograph copyright © 1978 by Christopher S. Johnson

Echoes of a Harvard Commencement speech 40 years on


A fellow Peace Corps volunteer took this snapshot of the author (at left) during a school visit in Africa.

Courtesy of Michael S. Knapp

A century apart, two alumni find each other in the American South.


Illustration by Phil Foster

Understanding the real consequences of the new tax law

May-June 2018

Illustration by Wenting Li

The Undergraduate chooses a concentration.

May-June 2018

President Drew Faust

At work on Harvard’s Washington agenda

May-June 2018

Ideas for the president-elect’s consideration, from costs and partnerships to Allston and admissions 

May-June 2018