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Articles: Students on COVID-19

A large dorm room with desk, bed, lamps, and quarantine necessities, including bottled water, masks, and sanitizing supplies.

The author's new room, complete with College-supplied quarantine-period (and after) necessities
Photograph by Meena Venkataramanan

Students on COVID-19

What’s changed—and what hasn’t


Montage of Smith Campus Center, a laboratory worker performing a swab test, and a COVID-19 graphic

The Smith Campus Center is one of several COVID-19 test kit drop-off locations on campus.

Montage, photograph of Smith Campus Center by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine; all other images by Unsplash

University campuses provide an ideal setting for monitoring the spread of new variants.


The illustration shows an empty rowboat floating away and a woman wading toward it, in chest-high water.

Illustration by Barbara Dekesyer

Coming to terms with personal and pandemic grief

July-August 2022

Photograph of boats at anchor on the approach to Boston’s Logan Airportn

The view on the approach to Boston’s Logan Airport
Photograph by Meena Venkataramanan

A 2021 graduate returns to campus for a belated Commencement that feels more like a reunion.


To view full image click on illustration

Illustration by Angelo Dolojan

The Undergraduate returns to student life, altered by the pandemic and a year spent apart. 

November-December 2021

Students gather on the grass in Harvard yard

Harvard Yard  

Photograph by Meena Venkataramanan

A recent graduate visits Harvard during a semi-normal semester


Close-up image of an "ice lantern" (a light set in an ice casing) in the snow on Radcliffe Quad

Cabot House members cheered up the wintry Quad with their hand-crafted ice lanterns. 

Photograph courtesy of Cabot House faculty dean Ian Miller and resident dean Meg Lockwood. 

Undergraduate Houses experiment and innovate in attempts to revive the effervescence that once characterized their student communities. 


The author and her two roommates stand in the snow in front of their future home at Harvard.

March 2018, Randolph Courtyard: The author (center) and her two future roommates, Sreya at left and Pranati at right, have just run over from the Yard on Housing Day, having learned they’d been assigned to Adams House.

Photograph courtesy of Meena Venkataramanan. 

The College’s annual “Housing Day” dramas, conducted online.


Photograph of the Tucson, Arizona, skyline and downtown taken at sunset.

Tucson, Arizona

Photograph by Sean Pavone/istock

The Undergraduate balances childhood and maturity.

March-April 2021