Immigrant Workers— America’s Engine?

Harvard economist Jason Furman on immigration and the U.S. economy.

by Olivia Farrar

Animating Music

Two scholars—in jazz, and in German music—team up on a tool that makes musical structure visible.

by Sophia Nguyen

The Power of Patience

Teaching students the value of deceleration and immersive attention

by Jennifer L. Roberts

From Glitter to Goat Cheese

Max and Trystan Sandvoss make artisanal cheese in upstate New York.

Raising the Bar

Nico Weiler and the art of the pole vault.

An Animation of the Giant Magellan Telescope

An animation of the next class of super giant earth-based telescopes that promises to revolutionize our view and understanding of the universe.

Mapping the Amazon

Alumnus Mark Plotkin traces the footsteps of explorer Alexander Hamilton Rice

Training Days

Rebecca Nadler is Harvard’s first NCAA gold medalist in skiing.

Grill It!

Cookbook author “Doc” Willoughby ’70 makes a Thai-inspired sauce.

Hannah Lash: Avant-garde, Post Romantic

Composer Hannah Lash, Ph.D. ’10, discusses how she forms a complex piece of music from a simple idea.

William Rawn: Patterns of Place

Architect William Rawn discusses "patterns of place" and their application to his design for the Cambridge Public Library.