Bailey Trela

Bailey Trela, of New Harmony, Indiana, and Currier House, is pursuing a concentration in English. Read more about him in">“New Fellows,” September-October 2015.

Stories of a Not-So-Distant War

Novelist V.V. Ganeshananthan on writing diasporic fiction

Novelist Paul Yoon and “Run Me to Earth”

Novelist Paul Yoon explores Laos’s forgotten war.

Brew’s clues: profile of Theresa McCulla, the Smithsonian's "beer historian"

A historian tracks the craft-beer boom, and the evolution of American taste.

The “Benton Gospels” a rare Byzantine codex at Dumbarton Oaks

Rare and beautiful, then and now: a Byzantine codex at Dumbarton Oaks

Learning to Lose

Sharmila Sen on making a life in the humanities. 

“The Impression that You Exist”

Neil Rudenstine on the humanities, at Dumbarton Oaks

Spy novelist Joseph Finder, on the guilt and gumption that drive his writing

Joseph Finder makes technology the texture of his new thriller, Guilty Minds.

Harvard hockey player Bill Keenan writes a memoir

The post-Harvard hockey tales of Bill Keenan

A Harvard undergraduate assesses his unfinished works

Pre-Commencement, the Undergraduate assesses his unfinished works.

An Indiana kid at Harvard

“The absence of prejudice is still a long way from the presence of interest.”

Valentine’s Day the Harvard Band Way

The Harvard Band brings Valentine’s greetings.