Isabel Mehta

At 75, Murray Dewart Reflects on His Career as a Sculptor

Thinking about what it means to be an artist through the years

Following Frederick Douglass

During a summer fellowship, student-activists learn from the abolitionist’s legacy.

“Anyone Can Be an Activist”

Alumni get involved in politics.

A Passion for Equity

How urban designer and developer Anyeley Hallová became a leader in sustainable development for social justice

The Taliban and Trauma

Alumni friends collaborate to help students at the Asian University for Women.

Wheat and War in Ukraine

A Harvard graduate’s design of the newly relevant Holodomor Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Former Crimson Star Spearheads New Soccer League

Charles Altchek ’07 moves from the field to the front office.

Harvard's Black-Hole Debunker

Astrophysicist Kareem El-Badry challenges scientific mistakes.  

Public Health Messaging in a Pandemic

How much intervention is too much, or not enough, when addressing a politically and socially diverse population?

Tracking Omicron on Campuses

University campuses provide an ideal setting for monitoring the spread of new variants.