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The Exemplars

July-August 2005

Philip Keene
Photograph by Jim Harrison
Bertha Offenbach Fineberg
Photograph by Jim Harrison

The oldest graduates of Harvard and Radcliffe present on Commencement day, who led the alumni pararde into Tercentenary Theatre before the Harvard Alumni Association’s annual meeting, were 96-year-old Bertha Offenbach Fineberg ’31, M.D., of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and 102-year-old Philip Keene ’25, S.M. ’40, of Middletown, Connecticut, who was making his fourth appearance in that role and celebrating his eightieth reunion.

According to University records, the oldest alumni, apart from Keene, include: James G. Jameson ’22, Ed.M ’26, 105, of Orlando, Florida; Albert H. Gordon ’23, M.B.A. ’25, LL.D. ’77, 103, of New York City; Marion Coppelman Epstein ’24, 102, of Boston; M. Louise Macnair ’25, 102, of Cambridge; Halford J. Pope ’25, M.B.A. ’27, 101, of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina; Edward Gipstein ’27, 100, of New London, Connecticut; Marjorie B. Walden ’26, 99, of Needham, Massachusetts; Stanley Kunitz ’26, A.M. ’27, 99, of New York City; Rose Depoyan ’26, Ed.M. ’38, 99, of Brockton, Massachusetts; Saul L. Fox ’27, M.D. ’31, 98, of West Hollywood—and Walter J. Seward, J.D. ’24, 108, of West Orange, New Jersey.