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Harvard's Long View

July-August 2007

The oldest graduates of Harvard and Radcliffe present on Commencement day were 98-year-old Frances Pass Addelson ’30, of Brookline, Massachusetts, and 104-year-old Philip Keene ’25, S.M. ’40, of Wellesley, Massachusetts.

According to University records, the oldest alumni, apart from Keene, include: Walter J. Seward, J.D. ’24, 110, of West Orange, New Jersey; Albert H. Gordon ’23, M.B.A. ’25, LL.D. ’77, 106, of New York City; Marion Coppelman Epstein ’24, 104, of Boston; M. Louise Macnair ’25, 104, of Cambridge; Halford J. Pope ’25, M.B.A. ’27, 103, of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina; Edward Gipstein ’27, 102, of New London, Connecticut; Marjorie B. Walden ’26, 101, of Needham, Massachusetts; Rose Depoyan ’26, Ed.M. ’38, 101, of Brockton, Massachusetts, and Harry L. Kozol ’27, 100, of Boston.