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Video: Cooking and Creativity

March-April 2009

Ferran Adrià is head chef at elBulli, the restaurant near Barcelona that Restaurant magazine has rated best in the world for three years running, and four times in all. He came to Harvard in December to give a public lecture—and to sign an agreement for an ongoing collaboration with Harvard scientists.

Video by Mark Felton


Watch this video for:

• images of culinary creations from the elBulli kitchen
• an excerpt from Professor Roberto Kolter’s introduction of Ferran Adrià—the would-be pro-soccer player turned chef
• Adrià’s discussion of how he creates melon “caviar”—spheres of liquefied melon inside a thin gelatinous shell 


(Translating for Adrià is professor of microbiology and molecular genetics Roberto Kolter; the woman at the left of the screen is Adrià's wife, Isabel Pérez.)