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The Harvard Alumni Association has approved more than 20 Shared Interest Groups; find the full list at Harvard Magazine invites SIG officers to share news of their groups’ activities in this space. (Send items to, using SIG in the “class year” line.)


Harvard Alumni in Wine and Food

HAWF strives to maintain, expand, and promote an international network of Harvard professionals in the field of wine, food, and hospitality; we include winemakers, chefs, investors, editors, authors, restaurant managers, communications experts, and enthusiastic amateurs. As the HAA’s newest SIG, we have functioned primarily as an online support network so far, but we plan to organize local events and programs as well. To join, visit


Harvard Arab Alumni Association

Attend the third annual Harvard Arab Weekend, November 12-15: “From Tradition to Innovation: Leading Change in the Middle East and North Africa”—a region known for rich traditions that is becoming a fertile environment for experimentation and innovation. Besides gathering many leaders active in those transformations, the weekend features a career fair, a civil-society forum, and an alumni awards dinner. This student-led initiative was organized by the HAAA, student groups at the College and the professional schools, the Middle East Initiative, and the Dubai Initiative. Visit for details.


Harvard Black Alumni Society

Don’t miss the HBAS Holiday Parties this December in Atlanta (the 29th), Chicago (the 19th), Houston (the 12th), Miami/Fort Lauderdale (the 5th), New York (the 18th), San Francisco (the 12th), Southern California (date TBA), and Washington, D.C. (the 12th). Dates are subject to change; visit to join our list-servs for updates.


Harvard Veterans Alumni Organization

Attend the Veterans Day service at Memorial Church to honor Harvard’s Medal of Honor recipients (see "Above and Beyond"). Visit for details.



In New York City on November 4, Harvardwood presents “Heidegger and a Hippo,” with philosophers-humorists-authors Tom Cathcart ’61 and Dan Klein ’61 (see And stay tuned for November’s launch of Harvardwood Books in Los Angeles, Boston, and New York (see for details). 

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