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Letters from our readers

November-December 2009


Immersed in Africa

Students and service at a new frontier

by Elizabeth Gudrais

Professor Video

Visual, audio, and interactive media are transforming the college classroom

by Craig Lambert

From AIDS to Art

View video from an exhibition at the Harvard Art Museum that explores the visual legacy of ACT UP’s campaign to galvanize action against a new epidemic.

Ayn Rand

Brief life of an iconoclastic individualist

by Jennifer Burns

The Ph.D. Problem

On the professionalization of faculty life, doctoral training, and the academy’s self-renewal

by Louis Menand

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Evolution by Fire

A Harvard anthropologist argues that cooking, a cultural practice, crucially shaped human evolution.

Learning by Degrees

With “spaced education,” a surgeon offers a better way to learn.

Taming Turbulence

Orchid bees in flight extend their hind legs for stability.

A New Twist on Nature/Nuture

Imprinted genes may affect the timing of pregnancy and nursing in humans.

John Harvard's Journal University news

A Gallery Glows Again

The Great Mammal Hall in the Harvard Museum of Natural History is restored and reopened.

$11 Billion Less

A status report on the state of the endowment

John Mugane

Meet the director of Harvard’s African language program.

The "New Normal"

President Faust opens the academic year with a State of the University address.

Yesterday's News

Headlines from Harvard history

Pictures in the Square

A new book of photographs tells Harvard Square’s history since the 1950s. Test your own Square knowledge for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Training Leaders to Transform Education

The Graduate School of Education creates a new doctor of education leadership program.

FAS's Progress--and Prognosis

An early-semester financial talk by the dean


Short takes on recent news

Critical Mass, and World-Class

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences develops a 10-year strategic plan.

Post Pre-Med

A senior assesses life at—and after—college without the pre-med track.

Sagittarian Students

Renaissance for the Archery Club

A Promising Start

Football kicks off against Holy Cross, Brown, and Lehigh

29-29, Forever

A new DVD and book capture the legendary 1968 Harvard-Yale game.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Theater As If It Matters

Diane Paulus, the new artistic director of the American Repertory Theater, has an ambitious populist vision.

The High-rise Ecotopia

An excerpt from Green Metropolis, by David Owen ’78

Again, A Dangerous Art

Adam Kirsch reviews Poems 1959-2009 by Frederick Seidel ’57

Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

The Son Also Rises

David Wax’s trio La Tuza performs Mexican son music.

Sharks, Fiction, and Wall Street

Top Producer, by Norb Vonnegut ’80, is a thriller set on Wall Street. Listen to excerpts from an interview with its stockbroker author.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Vintage Vitality

Two Harvard-trained doctors launch a practice in the emerging field of age-management medicine.

Above and Beyond

The University’s Medal of Honor recipients are memorialized.

Well Done

The winners of the 2009 Harvard Alumni Association Award

Comings and Goings

A sampling of Harvard Clubs’ forthcoming events

Job Notices

Harvard offices seek jobs and mentors for undergraduates

The SIGnboard

News from Shared Interest Groups