Sports Wrap

Men's Rowing

The heavyweights capped another sterlingseason with an Eastern Sprints championship, defeating Princeton and Brown in the final. With a thunderous sprint, the undefeated freshman eight overtook Princeton by half a second and cemented Harvard’s thirtieth Rowe Cup, symbolic of overall heavyweight supremacy, on Lake Quinsigamond. 

The Crimson next recorded its seventh sweep in 10 years at the Harvard-Yale regatta. Following that, the varsity came fourth at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association regatta, behind California, Washington and Cornell in the final.

The lightweight varsity brought a 10-0 record to the Eastern Sprints; they were top-seeded but came second to Princeton, 2.5 seconds back in the final. The top-seeded freshmen likewise sported a 10-0 mark at Worcester, but Cornell edged the Crimson there by a bow ball, 5:48.454 to 5:48.782.


Women’s Rowing

The Radcliffe heavyweights didn’t make the grand final, but did win the petite final at the Eastern Association of Women’s Rowing Colleges (EAWRC) regatta. The Black and White lightweight varsity took bronze at the race, their first medal there in four years.

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