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July-August 2010


Letters from our readers

The College Pump

What Admiral Yamamoto learned at Harvard, and a new community garden


Corporate culture embraces photography.

In this Issue

Prospects for American economic recovery—and cautionary lessons from Japan

Joanne Ricca at her lakeside home in rural Maine with husband Martin Bartlett.

Forty-some years ago, three Sixties types dropped out. We drop in on them.

Andrew Wylie

Andrew Wylie '70 runs a powerful literary agency that mixes hardball business and highbrow tastes. With audio from an interview with Wylie.

Darden preparing river-cane splints for weaving, c. 1900.

Brief life of an overlooked artist: c. 1829-1910. With images of Darden's masterpieces of river-cane basketry.

Sir Luke Fildes, <i>The Doctor</i> (1891)

A scholar experiences the moral acts that come before—and go beyond—modern medicine.


Letters from our readers

Right Now

Sandra Bullock arrives at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards in a violet Bottega Veneta gown.

Should U.S. fashion designers enjoy the same copyright protection as fellow creative artists—and their European counterparts?

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An interdisciplinary example of how simple models can enhance understanding of complex systems

A long night’s rest merely masks the effects of chronic sleep loss.

The swirls in this hand-blown glass are a visual reminder of its latent fluidity.

Physicists find a better way to visualize molecular behavior in glass as it cools.

New England Regional

The homes offer views of rural vistas from every room.

A New Hampshire cohousing community models sustainability. View an image gallery.

A warm entrance to the new Kripalu residential dorm

The newest addition to a Berkshires yoga retreat melds with the landscape. View an image gallery.

In a Lonely Place, at the Harvard Film Archive

Summer events at Harvard

Tangy greens with bacon-wrapped dates

A lively Brookline restaurant draws a crowd.

John Harvard's Journal

Kennedy School class marshals Asif Chishti, of Lahore, Pakistan, and Katherine Chon, of Salem, New Hampshire, both M.P.A. ’10, lead a cheer.

A recap of the University's 359th Commencement

Onora S. O’Neill

The honorary degree recipients

President Drew Faust

Excerpts from President Faust's Baccalaureate address

President Drew Faust

In her speech to the alumni on Commencement afternoon, President Faust put the University’s interest in public service in context.

The Honorable David H. Souter

The Honorable David H. Souter, retired from the U.S. Supreme Court, began a conversation about constitutional interpretation.

John P. "Jack" Reardon

Notes and statistics, vital and otherwise

Alexandra Petri

The lighter side of Harvard's Commencement

William F. Lee

William F. Lee ’72 has links to many parts of the University.

Traci Green

Meet Harvard’s head women’s tennis coach.

Social scientists aim to name—and solve—their fields’ biggest questions.

Headlines from Harvard history

Lisa Hogarty

A new vice president for campus services, and academic honors

Nitin Nohria

Nitin Nohria, the new dean of Harvard Business School, on educating students with the competence and character to exercise business leadership

Are final examinations on the way out at Harvard?

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences faces a smaller, but still multimillion-dollar, deficit.

Short takes on recent Harvard news

Why college friendships are special

Nick Gates ’91, who founded Coaches Across Continents, works with coaches (above) and youths (at right) in Tanzania in 2009.

Nick Gates ’91 has founded Coaches Across Continents to use soccer as an educational technique in Africa.

An update on men's and women's crew results


Mystery writer Alfred Alcorn at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, where he’s never had to solve a homicide.

Alfred Alcorn ’64 sets his Harvard-flavored murder mysteries in one of his favorite places: a museum. With audio from an interview with Alcorn.

Why democracy needs the humanities

Adam Kirsch reviews The Art of the Sonnet, by Stephen Burt and David Mikics

Kitchens in older homes—unlit, utilitarian, and at the rear of the house—reflect a role for women that we no longer tolerate, says remodeler Charlie Allen. This restoration aimed to connect the kitchen to the outdoors and the rest of the house.

Charlie Allen makes period homes work for their owners. View images of his work.

Robert Leonard Reid propelled himself above the Arctic Circle and there encountered both terns and the great caribou herd, including these young.

Recent books with Harvard connections

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

This special edition of J.K. Rowling’s Commencement address, with wooden case and hand-embossed Braille  (below), was crafted by Francie Randolph (left).

Francie Randolph ’87 has combined Braille and J.K. Rowling's 2008 Harvard address to create a limited-edition book.


From an office “down under” in Brooklyn, Sara Horowitz helps freelancers cope.

A Kennedy School graduate organizes the "free-agent economy."

Introducing the marshals of the class of 2010

Nina M. Archabal

In recognition of outstanding service to the University

New members for the Board of Overseers, new directors for the Harvard Alumni Association

Four members of the class of 2010 have won special scholarships to study at Cambridge University.

Reunioners and others come through with both time and money.

Rose Downes Arnold ’36 and George Barner ’29 led the alumni procession.

The 2010 honorands are (from left) Stephen Fischer-Galati, Eric Maskin, Martha Nussbaum, and David Bevington.

Scholars whose contributions to society emerged from their graduate study at Harvard

The College Pump

What Admiral Yamamoto learned at Harvard, and a new community garden


Corporate culture embraces photography.