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Other Financial Updates

November-December 2010

Harvard’s friends remained supportive during the fiscal year ended last June 30. Vice president for alumni affairs and development Tamara Elliott Rogers announced in September that donors had given $596 million, just $6 million shy of the fiscal 2009 total. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) exceeded its goal of $40 million for unrestricted, current-use funds, she noted. The business and medical schools also had good years, as did the Kennedy School--bolstered by a $20.5-million gift from the Rajawali Foundation to support policy research and education in Asia. The figures reflect cash gifts during the year, plus payments on earlier pledges. The mix of gifts between current use and endowment funds will appear in Harvard’s annual financial report.

That report was to be published in mid October, after this magazine’s press deadline. Also likely to be reported are faculty members’ responses to an early-retirement incentive program offered last December; their decisions, due June 30, were subject to a recision period. (Of the 180 individuals in five faculties qualifying for the offer, 127 are from FAS.)

For detailed reports on the University’s annual financial disclosure and the retirements, see

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