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Mill girls, mushroom mirth, folklore myths

November-December 2010


The Psyche on Automatic

Amy Cuddy probes snap judgments, warm feelings, and how to become an “alpha dog.”

by Craig Lambert

Alice Paul

Brief life of a pioneering suffragist: 1885-1977

by Mary Walton

A Lens on History

Photographer Susan Meiselas’s quest to understand via images. With audio from the interview.

“A Nation Arguing with Its Conscience”

Deliberative democracy, philosophical pragmatism, and Barack Obama's conception of American governance

by James T. Kloppenberg

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Fitness: Body and Mind

Caloric restriction and exercise boost mental acuity and motor ability by rejuvenating synapses.

Kindergarten Matters

An economist finds that good kindergarten teachers boost pupils' earnings later in life.

Hypervelocity Stars

Stars escaping the Milky Way help Warren Brown and other astronomers map the distribution of matter in our galaxy.

The Power of Touch

Tactile sensations change perceptions, says psychologist Christopher Nocera.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Gut Renovation

Harvard renews an older building to create new labs in Cambridge for stem-cell research.

After the Storm: Presidential Perspectives

Early in the fall term, Drew Faust reviews Harvard’s improved finances, University governance, scientific misconduct, and other issues.

Marshall Ganz

The community organizer, who once worked with César Chávez, now teaches at the Kennedy School.

Scientific Misconduct, and Its Aftermath

An investigation of psychology professor Marc Hauser's lab results in a misconduct finding—and questions for the field of animal cognition.

Endowment Improvements

A year after declining $11 billion, investment returns on Harvard’s endowment turn positive.

Other Financial Updates

Fundraising remains strong, and the financial report and faculty retirement decisions are pending.

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard history

William James: Summers and Semesters

A conference and an exhibition at Houghton Library showcase the legacy of the pioneering psychologist and philosopher.

50 Years of Social Studies

A groundbreaking undergraduate concentration celebrates half a century.

Time to “Change the Channel”

Faculty of Arts and Sciences dean Michael D. Smith looks beyond financial constraints to academic priorities, from better teaching to renovated undergraduate Houses.

A Renaissance for Medieval Classics

A new series from Harvard University Press reintroduces works that mattered in the Middle Ages. With excerpts from two of the works.


Larry Summers to return, Mahindra Humanities Center, Ph.D. programs, financial aid, appointments, and other University news

Walking a Mile in My Own Shoes

The Undergraduate comes to terms, on her own terms, with feminism.


Senior cross-country captain Daniel Chenoweth outruns the competition.

Soccer Under the Lights

The new Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium hosts its first games.

A Man for One Season

Quarterback Andrew Hatch returns to the Harvard fold.

Stadium Sonnet

A former cross-country-man’s sonnet honors fellow runners.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Spartan Means, Splendid Spaces

Elizabeth Whittaker’s beautiful buildings look expensive, but aren’t.

Dickinson’s Trinity

In a new critical work, Helen Vendler assesses one of Emily Dickinson’s deceptively simple early poems.

Chocolate à la Vietnamese

Two San Francisco sisters add Asian and other original flavors to their gourmet confectionery.

Noir Romantic

Romanticism, a new collection by poet April Bernard, mixes disillusionment with emotion and playfulness.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Funniest Pages

Rick Meyerowitz’s Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead is a compendium of the best pieces from the National Lampoon.

Chapter and Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Jerusalem Milestone

American James Snyder ’73 recreates an Israeli national landmark.

Aloian Award Winners

Seniors Michael Baskin and Ryan Schell are honored for contributing to the quality of life in their undergraduate Houses.

HAA Award Winners

Six alumni are honored for their outstanding service to the University through alumni activities.

The SIGnboard

Late fall Shared Interest Group events

The Classes

Harvard alumni may sign in to view class notes and obituaries published in the print edition of this magazine.