The Provost Search

President Faust announces a search committee and invites nominations.

In the wake of Steven E. Hyman’s decision to step down as University provost at the end of the academic year, President Drew Faust has appointed a faculty advisory committee to help her search for a successor, and has invited comments from the wider Harvard community on the provost’s role and nominations of candidates. Messages may be sent in confidence to [email protected] or by letter addressed to her at Massachusetts Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge 01238.

Faust’s announcement, e-mailed today, listed the members of the advisory committee as follows:

  • Allan Brandt, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (dean), Harvard Medical School
  • Joan Brugge, Harvard Medical School
  • John Campbell, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • John Goldberg, Harvard Law School
  • Sue Goldie, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Institute for Global Health
  • Stephen Greenblatt, University Professor, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Evelynn Hammonds, Harvard College (dean), Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Evelyn Hu, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Paula Johnson, Harvard Medical School
  • Herman “Dutch” Leonard, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School
  • Kathleen McCartney, Harvard Graduate School of Education (dean)
  • Douglas Melton, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Anthony Saich, Harvard Kennedy School
  • John Shaw, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Diana Sorensen, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Christopher T. Walsh, Harvard Medical School

Beyond their role in this search, the identities of many members of the committee are suggestive of President Faust’s close working relationships with the diverse faculties, and of her likely interests for future investments stemming from the prospective capital campaign. For instance, she appointed Goldie the director of the University’s efforts in global health, and Greenblatt as the head of the task force that formulated her strategy for expanding Harvard offerings in arts practice and performance. Faust has also cited Leonard’s research on leadership and has worked closely with Dean McCartney on the new doctoral program in education leadership, and with Melton on stem-cell science and interdisciplinary research and teaching in regenerative medicine. (He is also master of Eliot House, at a time when physical renewal of undergraduate residences is a pressing priority for the College and the campaign.) Saich is among the faculty members most deeply involved in and informed about Asia; he directs Kennedy School professional-development programs for public officials in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam—a likely paradigm for further international work among the professional schools.



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