University People

Innovation Chief

Gordon S. Jones has been appointed the inaugural director of the Harvard Innovation Lab, now being created on Western Avenue adjacent to the Harvard Business School campus. The lab aims to serve entrepreneurs throughout the University and from the surrounding community. Jones previously worked in marketing, product development, and other capacities for the Gillette Company, and as a consultant, among other experiences, and has been a lecturer on marketing at Bentley University and an admissions adviser for the HBS M.B.A. program.


Photograph by Steven Kagan

Ann Marie Lipinski

Journalism Director

Ann Marie Lipinski, who shared a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on corruption in Chicago and subsequently served as editor of the Chicago Tribune for more than seven years, will succeed the retiring Bob Giles as curator of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism. Lipinski was a Nieman Fellow in 1989-1990, joining other reporters who enjoy a year of study at the University, and chaired an external review committee, organized by the provost’s office, that visited the foundation last year.


Stellar Scientists

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office

Gary Chamberlain

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office

George C. Church

Courtesy of X. Sunney Xie

X. Sunney Xie

Six faculty members were elected to the National Academy of Sciences in May: Berkman professor of economics Gary Chamberlain; professor of genetics George C. Church (a genomics pioneer who was the subject of the cover story in this magazine’s January-February 2004 issue); Higgins professor of mathematics Joseph D. Harris; York professor of physics Andrew Strominger; Rotch professor of atmospheric and environmental sciences Steven C. Wofsy; and Mallinckrodt professor of chemistry and chemical biology X. Sunney Xie.


Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office

Benedict Gross

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office

Farish A. Jenkins Jr.

Top Teachers

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has named five Harvard College Professors—a title conferred for five years on its most outstanding undergraduate teachers who are also distinguished in graduate education and in research. Each also receives funding for a semester of research. Those honored are Leverett professor of mathematics Benedict Gross, who separately received the Undergraduate Council’s Levenson Memorial Teaching Prize for superb teaching (and who previously served as Harvard College dean); Agassiz professor of zoology Farish A. Jenkins Jr.; Rabb professor of anthropology Arthur Kleinman, who is also professor of medical anthropology and professor of psychiatry (see "Mentoring and Moral Experience" for a graduate-student perspective); Cabot professor of aesthetics and the general theory of value Elaine Scarry; and Wolcott professor of philosophy Alison Simmons (who co-led the group that devised the General Education curriculum). Separately, at its annual Literary Exercises on May 24, Phi Beta Kappa conferred its teaching prizes on lecturer on sociology David L. Ager; Brooks professor of international science, public policy, and human development William C. Clark; and Baird professor of science emeritus Dudley R. Herschbach (see also "Honoris Causa").


Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office

Harvey C. Mansfield

Bradley Prize, Prince of Asturias Award

Kenan professor of government Harvey C. Mansfield has been awarded the $250,000 Bradley Prize, given to those whose work is consistent with the Bradley Foundation’s emphasis on “preserving and defending the tradition of free representative government and private enterprise” ( Mansfield, a prominent campus conservative (see the September-October 1999 cover story, “The 30 Years’ War”), used the occasion to speak about University values; read his text at And Hobbs professor of cognition and education Howard E. Gardner has won Spain’s Prince of Asturias Award for social sciences, complete with a 50,000-euro honorarium and a Miró sculpture, for his work on multiple intelligences, deemed “decisive in the evolution of the education system” [for] taking into consideration the innate potentialities of each individual.”

Photograph by Rose Lincoln/Harvard News Office

Michael P. Brenner

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office

Annette Gordon-Reed

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office

Maria E. Gough

Photograph by Rose Lincoln/Harvard News Office

Eric Nelson


Radcliffe Institute Fellows

Among the 51 Radcliffe Institute fellows for 2011-2012 (see the complete list at are eight faculty members: Glober professor of applied mathematics and applied physics Michael P. Brenner; Lowell professor of Romance languages and literatures and of visual and environmental studies Tom Conley; professor of law and of history Annette Gordon-Reed; Pulitzer professor of modern art Maria E. Gough; associate professor of urban planning Judith Long; professor of government Eric Nelson; associate professor of organismic and evolutionary biology Anne Pringle; professor of systems biology Pamela Silver; and professor of history Daniel Lord Smail.

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