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A Note to Readers

July-August 2011

In this issue, atypically, there are two Forum essays written by faculty members, drawing on their research and addressing public issues of the day: American energy policy (see "Time to Electrify"), and the pressures facing the U.S. higher-education system (see "Colleges in Crisis"). Both seem timely, when the future of the nation—and of many other countries—depends not only on near-term economic issues and longer-term fiscal threats but also on suitable schooling and a sustainable environment. Illuminating the latter priority is the photographic essay by David Arnold ’71 that shows the decline of the world’s corals as the climate changes (see "Reefs at Risk"), complementing his “A Melting World,” on the shrinkage of glaciers (May-June 2006, page 36); Jonathan Shaw wrote the texts for both articles. We welcome your comments. The Editors

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