The Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy

Scientists affiliated with the Event Horizon Telescope publish the first image of Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

by Jonathan Shaw

Encounters at the Border

Photographer Morgan Smith ’60 documents life on the precarious precipice between Mexico and the United States.

by Lydialyle Gibson

“Doctor Bugs”

Naturalist Mark W. Moffett investigates insects—and now, evolving human societies.

by Nell Porter-Brown

Seasons at the Arboretum

A veteran photographer of people turns his lens to plants.

by Jonathan Shaw

In Myanmar, with Proximity Designs

A social enterprise works to improve farmers' economic prospects

Paradise Found

The dazzling beauty and strangely human behavior of one of the world’s most diverse bird families.

by Nell Porter-Brown

Theresa Betancourt: Images from India

Images of the professor’s work with homeless and impoverished children in India.

Reform School

Harvard’s long-closed Social Museum promoted progressive values.

by Christopher Reed

Work Zone

Summer construction—on the Fogg Art Museum, the Business School’s Tata Hall, Old Quincy, and more—renews the campus.

The Art of Paper

Laurie Krasny Brown crafts colorful works from an “accessible, flexible, beautiful” material.

by Craig Lambert

Into India

President Faust's first visit to the South Asian nation highlights research and curricular connections old and new.

by Elizabeth Gudrais