Harvard Puzzle: “375”


“375” solvers

(The first ten are listed in the order their solutions were received, the others alphabetically)

  1. Charles J. Rohrmann, Jr. – Scarsdale, NY
  2. Al Sanders – Fort Collins, CO
  3. Stan Kurzban – Chappaqua, NY
  4. Rick Kasten – Alexandria, VA
  5. Stephen Throop – Grover, NC
  6. Judy Adamski – Jenison, MI
  7. Daniel J. Milton – Vienna, VA
  8. Richard Friedman '71 – Silver Spring, MD
  9. Dorothy Juhlin Bank – Hillsborough, NC
  10. Cathy Childs – Pompano Beach, FL

Dale Ashworth – San Francisco, CA

Tom Barnet – Spartanburg, SC

Ed Brody '83 – Cambridge, MA

Robert Brown – Albuquerque, NM

Eric Chipman – Boulder, CO

Jim Christenson – Port Townsend, WA

Don Cole – Edinburgh, Scotland

Al Damm – Marshall, WI

Richard P. Dutton '83 – Park Ridge, IL

Joe Fendel '95 -  Berkeley, CA

Matthew Field – London, UK

Stan Francuz – Somewhere in Australia

Warren Fraser – Marmora, Ontario, Canada

Lewis Gee – Poway, CA

Michael N. Geselowitz – Cedarhurst, NY

Andrew Greene – Newton, MA

Steve Gunter – Raleigh, NC

Richard Harrison – Portland, OR

Ken Johnson – Springfield, MO

Wayne Jones  – Worcester, NY

Al Kahn – Houston, TX

Jane Lehar – Lexington, MA

Richard Letourneau – Bonita Springs, FL

Bob Lundegaard – Minneapolis, MN

Jackie Miller – Everett, MA

Mark Navarrete – Quezon City, the Philippines

David Olson '72 – Lake Forest, IL

Peter G. Neumann, AB '54, SM '55, PhD '61 – Menlo Park, CA

Mary Lyndal Nyberg – Manhattan, KS

Patrick D. Phillips – Bainbridge Island, WA

Huw Powell – Lee, NH

Arnold Reich – Bronxville, NY

Ned Robert – Los Gatos, CA

Joe Rogers – Old Greenwich, CT

Mordy Rosen – Berkeley, CA

Fred Safier '63 – Walnut Creek, CA

Joe Schrader – Hillsboro, OR

Wayne Scott – Jamaica Plain, MA

Dexter Senft – Bedford, NY

Callie and Bob Smith – Massena, NY

Donald R. Spaulding – Los Altos, CA

Donald Stanley – Littleton, CO

John Stuelpnagel – Baltimore, MD

Steve Tice – Great Falls, VA

Claire Trazenfeld – Crownsville, MD

Thomas Wilson – South Williamsport, PA

Jay Winter – Farmington Hills, MI


You can find all 35 puzzles published in Harvard Magazine between 1986 and 1998 at John de Cuevas’s website, www.puzzlecrypt.com, under Harvard Puzzles. You will also find additional puzzles and contact information there and can subscribe to his mailing list.


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