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November-December 2014

The Office of Career Services (OCS) and the Harvard Alumni Association have launched a new campaign, “Harvard-Hiring-Harvard,” to help students find employment. “Alumni have always been enthusiastic about helping students launch their careers, providing advice and information,” says OCS director Robin Mount. “This is the next step—actual, concrete opportunities.”

The number of entry-level jobs “has not come back to the level that existed before the economic downturn,” reports Mount, especially because seismic shifts across industries, from music to healthcare to education, have also contributed to overall job shrinkage. “A lot of organizations and employers have cut back on training and resources for students who don’t have the skills they are looking for.”

Alumni interested in offering students entry-level positions, summer internships, or “winternships” (unpaid job-shadowing opportunities during the January break), can contact OCS through its website, by phone (617-495-2595), or by e-mail

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