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Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

November-December 2016

Andrew Hamilton writes: “For research into the origins of a poem by Robert Frost, I am searching for any reference to Veritas, the Roman goddess of truth, that would support statements that she was thought to dwell at the bottom of a well. It occurs to me that there might have been a Harvard joke to the effect that she lived in the well under the College Pump, and that, if so, the joke may have found its way to Harvard Magazine. Of course, any other reference to Veritas living at the bottom of a well would be useful. Can you help me?” The magazine’s editors, having no information to offer themselves, hope our readers can do better.

More queries from the archives:

“Sir, every wise man would at the latter end of his life wish to have an interval between the fatigue of business and eternity.”

We are all the victims of each other’s façades.

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