Henry Rosovsky
Henry RosovskyPhotograph by Jim Harrison

Henry Rosovsky, JF ’57, Ph.D. ’59, LL.D. ’98, was an exemplary Harvard citizen, a towering intellect, and—unusually in combination with those attributes—a brilliant leader and administrator. Geyser University Professor and dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences emeritus, former acting president and past member of the Corporation, Rosovsky concluded his Harvard service with the last and least of his formal roles (but the most important to us) as president of the Harvard Magazine Inc. Board of Directors from 2006 to 2015. When we erred, he told us so, and how to make things right. When the magazine was misunderstood, he outlined what he could and would do to remedy the problem—and he did. Always, he was curious, widely informed about history and culture, wise about human nature, witty, and a great gossip. We deeply mourn his death November 11, at age 95.

We titled our tribute, in the January-February 2016 issue, “Henry the Great.” That is one thing we’re proud to have gotten exactly right. —The Editors

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