On the cover: Homeria Qaderi, Afghanistan. Photograph by Jim Harrison


Cambridge 02138

Readers’ views on the Supreme Court, reparations, the humanities, and more

Mum’s the Word

The endowment data drought, and the FAS dean’s downsized report


President Bacow on conversations with students

Report to Readers

The publisher and editor on changes in the magazine’s design—and its evolving service to readers in its 125th anniversary year

Three Cheers

A salute to a writer and two artists who served readers especially well in 2022

January-February 2023

On the cover: Homeria Qaderi, Afghanistan. Photograph by Jim Harrison


To the Rescue

Harvard’s Scholars at Risk Program helps endangered artists and scholars

by Lydialyle Gibson

Fernando Zóbel-Montojo

Brief life of an abstract painter: 1924-1984

by Felipe Pereda

Humanists All

What is lost in the precipitous decline of the arts and humanities

by James Engell

The Happiness Revolutionary

Arthur Brooks moved beyond policy—to something deeper.

by Nancy Walecki

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Deprivation’s Mark on the Brain

Neglected children’s neurodevelopmental impairments persist into young adulthood.

How Coupons Keep Drugs Costly

Pharmaceutical companies subsidize the cost of their drugs to keep prices high.

Hybrid Work’s Sweet Spot

A business school study finds hybrid workers generate more novel and useful information.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Admissions on Trial

The Supreme Court hears the Harvard and UNC admissions cases.

Karin Öberg

This astrochemist studies the chemical antecedents of life in the universe.

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history


Remembering Henry Rosovsky

Black Ink—and Red

A huge budget surplus, but a down year for the endowment

A Fitter FAS

The dean’s annual report, plus updates on the faculty and its finances

News in Brief

Rankled about rankings, acting on the slavery report, and more

Ups and Downs

Kings of the road, the football team struggled at home—and in The Game.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Restored to Nature

Landscape architect Mikyoung Kim’s healing arts

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Raising Her Voice

Singer-songwriter Reid Parsons on the irreplaceable instrument

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Brockton’s Enterprising Restaurateurs

Exploring Cape Verdean and Caribbean cuisine

Jumping for Joy

Trampoline parks—fun for all ages 

Bodies in Motion

Inspiring new exhibit at the deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Raising Young Voices

Boston Children's Chorus 2023 season

Relax and Renew

Places to start the new year off right 

University People Harvardians far and wide

When Children Fall Ill

“You work in the hope space, and you tend to the grief.”

The Art of Lighting and Sound Design

Theater technicians Finn Bamber and Clay Oxford bring Harvard theater to life.

Home, Harvard, and (Im)permanence

The complicated return to campus post-pandemic