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Harvard's Hillary Look-alike


Professional actress Heidi Dallin ’85 has been getting lots of work lately, thanks to her marked resemblance to Hillary Clinton.

When the Clintons entered the White House, Dallin couldn't escape the attention. People on the street would ask to have photos taken with her; she noticed people pointing when she went to Red Sox games. So she decided to embrace it. She studied Clinton's mannerisms and the inflection of her speech. The work started rolling in—appearances at municipal parades, benefit dinners, trade conventions. With the presidential race currently in overdrive, demand for Dallin has only increased.

"It's taken my life in a whole new direction," the Gloucester, Massachusetts, native told the Salem News, which posted a photo feature on her last week.

View the feature here and judge for yourself how much Heidi looks like Hillary. Read more about her in a Harvard Magazine story from November-December 2000: A "Hillary" from Harvard.