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Enriching life in the Houses


Photograph of Freshman Convocation

At Freshman Convocation, the class of 2026 banner is unfurled for the first time.

Photograph by Lydialyle Gibson/Harvard Magazine

Speakers’ remarks reflect the urgencies of a turbulent time.


Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

Photograph by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

Ten percent of MBA students to receive full tuition scholarships


illustration showing multiple hands dismantling a rifle

Illustration by Nicolas Ogonosky

Coming of age in an era of gun violence

September-October 2022

Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Photograph by Unsplash

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this fall.


Illustration of students and challenges in college today

Illustration by Ryan Olbrysh

New books by Harvard experts on college preparation, rankings, student experiences, and institutional strategies

July-August 2022

Illustration of students choosing different paths through college

Illustration by Gwen Keraval

Why (and how) to help undergraduates make the most of their extracurriculars

July-August 2022

The illustration shows an empty rowboat floating away and a woman wading toward it, in chest-high water.

Illustration by Barbara Dekesyer

Coming to terms with personal and pandemic grief

July-August 2022