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Dumb Menakaya standing on campus with her camera

Dumebi Menakaya

Photograph by Jim Harrison


The photographer takes self-portraits—without photographing herself.


Top left: Bob Burres and Dawn Oates, Ed.M. ’23. Top right: Aileen Louie, Suevon Lee, Jenn Louie, M.Div. ’23, Alex Louie, Lily Louie, and Arthur Louie. Bottom left: speakers at Harvard’s affinity celebration for Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Desi American graduates. Bottom right: David Lewis, M.P.P. ’23, Taylor Jones, M.P.P. ’23, Raie Gessesse, M.P.P. ’23, Selma Ismail, M.P.P. ’23, Lindsey Batteast, M.P.P. ’23.

Photographs by Ryan Doan-Nguyen

Harvard affinity celebrations honor graduates’ diverse journeys. 


Photo of ROTC graduates being sworn in.

ROTC graduates are sworn in during the commissioning ceremony on May 24th in Tercentenary Theatre.

Photograph by Nell Porter Brown/Harvard Magazine

Sixteen graduates were commissioned into the armed services at the ROTC ceremony.


President Bacow delivering his final Baccalaureate address, to the class of 2023.

 Photograph by Jim Harrison

In his valedictory baccalaureate address, President Bacow emphasizes the value of humility.


From left: Josiah Meadows, Pallas Chou, and Vig Hogg

From left: Josiah Meadows, Pallas Chou, and Vic Hogg

Photographs, from left, by Jon Chase/HPAC, Kris Snibbe/HPAC, and Stephanie Mitchell/HPAC

A classicist-become venture capitalist, an enzyme scientist, and a Native American who survived a shocking trauma


Moving out box in Harvard Yard with a Harvard snow globe, graduation cap, and books

The pretty parts of college are easy to photograph, but the messier experiences often prove more memorable and profound. 

Montage illustration by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine; photographs of box, books, and cap by Unsplash

One graduating senior’s would-be commencement speech on the beautiful, the ugly, and the everlasting


Photograph of Sarah Kariko ’90 operating a letterpress at the Bow & Arrow Press in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sarah Kariko ’90 operates a letterpress at the Bow & Arrow Press.

Photograph by Craig Lambert

The Adams House space that gave the letterpress studio its name will become a student common room.


Hvalsey Church

Hvalsey Church

Photograph in the public domain

Sea-level rise that inundated coastal farmland may have led to their demise


Photomontage of the nine graduate student presenters at the 2023 Harvard Horizons symposium

The nine graduate student presenters at the 2023 Harvard Horizons symposium

Photomontage courtesy of the Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Emerging doctoral research on COVID-19, military model villages, children at risk, and more