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Map of New York City, 1895

This 1895 map of New York City was created by socialist activist Walter Vrooman, who hoped that by showing the "concrete socialism" of every street, park, school, public building, and public dock in red (and allowing private enterprises to recede into the white background), he might persuade readers that the rest of the map should be socialist as well. 

From the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center/Boston Public Library


Curator Garrett Dash Nelson ’09 on the Boston Public Library’s exhibition of “persuasive cartography” 


Beds were set up for Spanish flu patients outside the Harvard-affiliated Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in 1918.
Photograph courtesy of the Brigham and Women's Hospital Archives

Fall semester interrupted, a century ago


Photograph of Jenny Odell

Jenny Odell
Screenshot by Harvard Magazine

Artist Jenny Odell speaks at the Graduate School of Design Class Day ceremony.


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(1 of 5) Untitled, Toni Morrison, 2006 by Robert McCurdy

© Robert McCurdy/National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; Gift of Ian M. and Annette P. Cumming


Alumnus-commissioned paintings of global luminaries are now a landmark gift to the National Portrait Gallery.


Circa 1853 photograph of Lawman Captain Harry Love and two of his California Rangers, the state's first law-enforcement agency

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(1 of 3) Lawman Captain Harry Love and two of his California Rangers (the state’s first law-enforcement agency), circa 1853

Photograph courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum

“Gold Rush: Daguerreotypes of Early California,” at the Peabody Essex Museum

May-June 2020

Margaret Mee painting of yellow trumpet tree

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(1 of 8) Margaret Mee, Tabebuia umbellata, the yellow trumpet tree. Cult. São Paulo, Proc. Butantã, August 1964

Image courtesy of Dumbarton Oaks Rare Book Collection.

Botanical bounty at Dumbarton Oaks

May-June 2020

Our favorite stories about Harvard’s rich museums and collections


Painting of a young woman standing at a French window, looking at a verdant garden

At the French Windows. The Artist’s Wife, (1897), by Laurits Andersen Ring

Courtesy of the Bruce Museum

Images that help unveil the truth of what we can see

March-April 2020

Detail of a painting showing long grasses and the moon

Tani Bunchō, Grasses and Moon (detail), Japanese, Edo period, 1817.

Image: John Tsantes and Neil Greentree; © Robert Feinberg.

Paintings from the Edo period convey “a powerful sense of there-ness.”