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A 33.6 percent return on endowment investments, as expense controls and donor support buoy the budget in an unprecedented year


2021 HILT Conference

2021 HILT Conference

Image courtesy of HILT

Harvard teaching and learning conference on educating for a global, changed society


From left, top to bottom: Cigall Kadoch, Shingo Kajimura, Emily Balskus, Flaminia Catteruccia, Sun Hur

Photographs courtesy of the subjects unless otherwise noted.

Photograph of Flaminia Catteruccia courtesy Wikimedia Commons/ Harvard SPH. 

The designation comes with $9 million in research support


Penny Pritzker

Corporation member Penny Pritzker underwrites new economics building

© Moshe Zusman Photography Studio

Landmark support for an eminently strong department


Chart of financial markets


Photograph by Unsplash 

How far is up in a year of robust investment returns? The University of Virginia’s report is suggestive.


Students gather on the grass in Harvard yard

Harvard Yard  

Photograph by Meena Venkataramanan

A recent graduate visits Harvard during a semi-normal semester


Jim Stock, new vice provost for climate and sustainability

James Stock, newly appointed vice provost for climate and sustainability

Photograph by Stu Rosner

A summary of current work—and an important new appointment


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(1 of 2) In mice, a lab-evolved vector for delivering a gene therapy (MyoAAV, indicated by the presence of green fluorescent protein) selectively targets muscle (depicted whole, top, and in cross-section, above right) dramatically better than commonly used, naturally-occurring viral vectors (above left and center). 

Image courtesy of the Pardis Sabeti Lab and Cell/DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2021.08.028

A uniquely interdisciplinary lab has developed a new technique to deliver targeted gene therapies.


Quincy Street entrance of the Harvard Art Museums

The Harvard Art Museums

Photograph by Zak Jensen; © President and Fellows of Harvard College. Image courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums.

The announcement comes amid a spike in cases on campus and an increase in testing frequency.