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Photographs of Harvard Forward petition candidates for Board of Overseer: Yvette Efevbera, Natalie Unterstell, and Megan Red Shirt-Shaw

From left: Yvette Efevbera, Natalie Unterstell, and Megan Red Shirt-Shaw

Photographs courtesy of Harvard Forward


Three aspirants for election to the Board of Overseers, under its new rules limiting petition candidates 


Photograph of Emma Dench, dean of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Emma Dench, dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Photograph coutresy of Harvard University

Harvard continues to change with the coronavirus.


A family celebrates Thanksgiving as coronavirus circulates unseen in the air around them.

Indoor gatherings increase the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

Art by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine; images by iStock

Seasonality and SARS-CoV-2


Logo of MIT's The Engine, a venture firm

The Engine’s logo

Courtesy MIT

Neighboring institutions collaborate in a venture-capital firm seeing to tackle tough technological challenges.


Caroline Buckee headshot over an orange background.

Caroline Buckee

Anonymized location data can help guide strategies for protecting public health in a pandemic.


Portrait of Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow

Lawrence S. Bacow

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

President Bacow remains positive despite the pandemic.


Toward guidelines for how to proceed in an era of reconsidering past associations


Headshot portraits of: Pardis Sabeti, Dan Barouch, Paul Ridker, David Liu, Xiaowei Zhuang, Marc Lipsitch.

Clockwise from top left: Pardis Sabeti, Dan Barouch, Paul Ridker, David Liu, Xiaowei Zhuang, Marc Lipsitch

Image collage by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

More than a dozen Harvard faculty members are honored. 


Cover of Harvard fiscal year 2020 nnual Financial Report

Click on image to see full Financial Report cover

Harvard reports lower revenues and a loss for the year, as the pandemic’s sweeping effects begin to take hold.