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Adams House, encompassing buildings ranging from Colonial America to Harvard’s Depression-era creation of the  House system (and trisected by city streets), poses design and construction challenges as renewal nears.

Courtesy of Beyer Blinder Belle 


A complex, four-year plan for renewing a complicated House


Amy Wagers

Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The skydiving Forst Family professor studies the pathophysiology of aging.

March-April 2019

Anthony Abraham Jack

Photograph by Jill Anderson

Anthony Jack’s new book on the “doubly disadvantaged”

March-April 2019

Illustration by Manon de Jong

The Undergraduate considers the Smith Campus Center

March-April 2019

Timothy R. Barakett and Mariano-Florentino (Tino) Cuéllar
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Refreshing the senior governing board


Nicole Nelson
Photograph by Tony Rinaldo

Uncertainty and humanity could be key to addressing the reproducibility crisis.


Dolores Huerta

Photo courtesy of the Dolores Huerta Foundation

The labor rights organizer will be honored on May 31. 


Carpenter Center: home to Visual and Environmental Studies, soon to be Art, Film, and Visual Studies—a better name for the work done there

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs & Communications

Renaming Visual and Environmental Studies to signal a clearer focus on making art and film