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Adrian Piper

Adrian Piper 2014, National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo.


Spanning more than 50 years, the conceptual artist’s work explores race, class, gender, and identity.


A photo montage of protest signs; one reads, "Workers are Harvard's true endowment."

At Tuesday's rallies, organizers carried signs expressing some of their central concerns.

Photographs by Lydialyle Gibson/Harvard Magazine; photomontage illustration by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

Amid other tough negotiations, Harvard non-tenure-track faculty and staff seek better compensation, workplace protections, and an end to term limits. 


Salata Institute logo over solar panels

The Salata Institute has chosen five teams to pursue solutions to a variety of climate-change impacts.

Logo courtesy of Salata Institute; solar panel photograph by Unsplash

Teams of Harvard researchers will develop concrete proposals for addressing specific climate impacts.


Photograph of Harvard University President-elect Claudine Gay; donor, Ernesto Bertarelli; and Harvard Medical School Dean, George Q. Daley

Ernesto Bertarelli, flanked by president-elect Claudine Gay and Harvard Medical School dean George Q. Daley 

Photograph by Gretchen Ertl for Harvard Medical School


Ernesto Bertarelli donates $75 million to support basic and clinical research.


Photograph of the Federal Reserve building in Boston, home of Harvard Management Company

The Federal Reserve building in Boston, home to Harvard Management Company

Photograph by JS/Harvard Magazine

Harvard Management Company’s third annual climate report


Sheree Ohen addresses attendees at the seminar

Sheree Ohen, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences associate dean for diversity, inclusion, and belonging, offers introductory remarks.

Photograph by Casey Cann of the Bok Center

A seminar on bringing the landmark findings into the classroom


President-elect Claudine Gay prepares to pass the baton.


SEAS entrance

SEAS entrance: the new quarters in Allston

Photograph by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

Claudine Gay announces the advisory committee for successor to Frank Doyle.


Harvard Business School logo on a campus cornhole board

Photograph by Niko Yaitanes /Harvard Magazine

Cornhole at HBS, prayer and meditation at SEAS, minerologist’s meter, eclipse aficionado

March-April 2023